6 Thrifty Ways to Customise Your Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen and personalising it to your tastes does not need to cost a fortune. Installing bespoke kitchens Sussex is a great way to design your whole kitchen to what you want exactly, but if this is out of your budget then there are lots of DIY ways of improving a kitchen. Here are our top 7 thrifty ways to customise your kitchen…

  1. Paint – Everything can change in a room with a coat of paint. Change the colours of the walls with a fresh new colour, or revive the cabinets with a different colour to bring a new life to the kitchen.
  2. Open Storage – Storage without doors is trendy and practical. Install shelves on the side of the island, or remove doors from the cabinets and turn the shelves in to a plate rack for easy access.
  3. Backsplash – A backsplash is both useful and stylish. Use overstock or salvaged ceramic tiles that match the kitchen design but bring a touch of fun such as a pattern or bold colour.
  4. Lights – Pendant lights are all the rage as they provide low, ambient light as well as illuminating the whole room.
  5. Island – Use a workbench, table or even a trolley with wheels as the island centrepiece. An island is great to provide more counter space for chopping, preparing and eating.
  6. Hardware – Swap out the old hardware for snazzy new knobs and pulls that make the kitchen look updated and clean.

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