Choosing a Career as a Coach Driver

Drivers of coaches and buses are responsible for transporting passengers on local, national or international trips. Bus trips are usually local, whereas coach drivers can travel to regional destinations or even overseas. A driver may be responsible not only for driving from one destination to another, but also for loading and unloading luggage, collecting fares, checking passes, helping passengers on and off the vehicle and much more.

There are specialised qualifications and experience necessary to become a coach driver, depending on the company. These qualifications can be acquired through private schools, or as a training and test from companies who are looking to hire. A driver must first hold a valid driving license, pass a medical exam, and then after training they must pass a theory and practical exam to qualify as a coach driver.

The safety of driving a coach has greatly increased in recent years due to improvements in vehicle technology such as the reverse camera and screen, GPS system and radar detection system. Modern coaches are safer and easier to drive, making the experience for the driver more enjoyable and increasing the safety of those on and off board by lowering the risk of accidents.

When choosing a career in coach driving, there are rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety of the passengers. These regulations include a maximum amount of driving hours in a row before a break is required, speed limits and more.

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