Different Types Of Bath Tubs You Can Buy

Bathtubs come in a number of styles and sizes. The standard size bathtub that is most used in size is thirty inches wide by sixty inches long, another similar size is the thirty-two inch by sixty inch. There are also rectangular style tubs that are smaller – fifty-five by twenty-four inch and these become narrower at the bottom. Whether it’s fiberglass or cast iron tubs these sizes are the most popular for Villeroy bathrooms. Drain, shower and faucet placement on a bathtub is also important so that it fits where you want it to go.

Claw footed bathtubs were popular in the past century. They tend to be expensive now due to their cast iron make and porcelain enamel finish.

A free-standing bathtub is designed to stand basically on its own. There is no cabinet surrounding it and it is more often standing on a set of feet or encased in a custom-built style base on its feet.

Another interesting bathtub is the soaking tub. These are generally wider and deeper and designed for two people to fit. They come in styles made from enamelled cast iron, with the claw feet, to modern styles. They are water users needing up to eighty gallons to fill them and can be a heavy weight due to their size. A fair amount of hot water is used to fill them.

Spa or whirlpool tubs are often situated in a sunken area of the bathroom. The walls of the tub have a number of jets that swirl the water. They are designed in a number of shapes, sizes and colours. There is also the hydromassage and air baths in this range. These designs use a recirculated water system and air bubbles.

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