Functions of Human Resources Vs Payroll

Both human resources (HR) and payroll have an important role in organisation and employee satisfaction. While HR functions deal with employee relations and job fulfilment, payroll takes care of their compensation. A business owner or manager should recognise the different functions of each task but also be able to integrate them to allow automatic updates, lower the amount of paperwork and simplify the process of making reports. The human resources department will take care of the HR, and the payroll can be completed by the accounting department or outsourced to a bookkeeper Kent. The HR and payroll departments must coordinate some shared functions such as recruitment, salaries, bonuses, and holiday leave.

Human Resources

The goal of the HR department is to bring out the best in employees to bring success to the company. The main functions include hiring new employees, attracting the right candidates for available positions within the company, managing employee relations, and ensuring employees reach expectations. Human resources are also responsible for motivating employees and providing rewards for exceptional work such as compensation packages or bonuses, as well as setting up training courses and creating general rules of the workplace.


Payroll is the process of paying employees, by using functions such as time sheets, balancing payroll data, and reporting and depositing the taxes. There are also tasks involving wage deductions, adding bonuses, keeping track of pay data, record keeping, delivering pay checks, complying with tax laws, sorting out holiday pay and overtime, and much more.

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