Learning to Become a Golfer

If you are thinking about playing golf or a complete beginner, it may be overwhelming to get started and a little daunting to learn the skills. However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process to learn how to play golf and it can be fun experience until you become a golfer. People become skilled at golf at different paces and in different ways such as lessons, a private teacher and constant practice at golf courses and even indoor virtual simulators such as those at the driving range Surrey.

To Get Started

As a beginner, it is best to be aware of the basic rules of golf before getting started. Then take up a beginner course or hire a private teacher to teach you the important skills. Equipment will most likely be provided and you should wear comfortable clothes with trainers.

Beginner Lessons

A professional will take you through the steps from the grip and swing to using different types of clubs for different distances. Find a way of learning that you enjoy and take your time through the lessons as people learn at different speeds.


Once you understand the basics, the key to getting good at golf and at most sports is by getting enough practice. As much as you can, head to the driving range to practice your shots and swings over and over again until you get better. Then you can begin to play practice games with friends to understand how the game works.

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