The Benefits of Visually Presenting Information

Humans are very visual creatures and 90% of the information we remember is from visual impact. Information and data is taken in much faster and remembered for longer when it is visual. This is evident when using the internet, people prefer to view and share photos, videos and images more than reading content articles. A great way for a company to present important information and data is by using infographics. These are visual graphic representations of complex information that can get across the message to readers quickly and clearly. Data is organised in to sections and is turned in to an easy to read chart, map or image by professional marketing designers. When a brand uses infographics, they will stand out from the crowd and be able to share their knowledge with an audience that is more willing to have a look.

The Benefits of Using Infographics

  • More likely to be shared on social media compared to articles and text.
  • Eye-catching and interesting compared with text-based information. The mix of images, colour and content brings attention to the eye when an audience is scanning material, so they are more likely to stop and read.
  • Improve SEO by driving people to your site and increasing clicks and shares.
  • Help to connect with your audience and educate them with important information that goes with your brand.
  • Increase brand awareness with visually appealing, matching images. Use a digital media agency to develop similar colours and designs to create a recognisable style that represents your brand.

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