Tips for Roof Maintenance in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to inspect and repair the roof of your property before the temperatures drop and there is the chance of ice and snow. Make sure to carry out a roof inspection at least once a year in autumn time. Here are some tips for your roof maintenance in autumn:

  • Clean the Roof

A roof can easily grow algae, moss, lichen, black streaks and mould, especially throughout the warmer months. If left untreated, they can cause extensive damage to the roof. The best way to remove them is with roof cleaning Berkshire where the fungus will be removed manually then treated with a biocide to prevent early re-growth.

  • Clear the Gutters

The gutters around your home allow water to flow from the roof so it is important that they are clear to avoid a build-up of water. In autumn especially, the gutters can get blocked with fallen leaves and dirt. When the gutters are blocked, water damage to the roof can include cracks, mould and leaks. Make sure the gutters are clear all around so the water can flow freely off the roof.

  • Check and Repair

Inspect the roof and repair or replace where necessary. It is best to fix any kind of damage right away, as the longer it is left the more difficult and expensive it will be.

  • Trim Vegetation

If there are any trees with branches growing near the roof, make sure to get them trimmed. Tree branches can cause great damage to roofs if they are left to grow.

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